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SCO Secretary General welcomes Supreme Court verdict on Tripple talaq


Syed Farid Ahmed Nizami Secretary General of Sufi Cultural Organization welcomed the recent  Supreme Court’s  Verdict on  Tripple talaq in one sitting (Talaq-e-Bidat).  He termed it as a revolutionary step in Muslim Women empowerment. He also expressed his anguish as to why this deliberation took so long whereas this practice is not recognized most of the Muslim countries.

He appealed to all the Sufi Scholars and Religious Heads  to take this verdict as an initiative to spread awareness regarding women empowerment.
He said that "we must know that its the practice of instant tripple talaq that has been set aside by the court due to its absolute irrevocability. Talaqe Hasan and Talaqe Ahsan have not been stuck down by the court."